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Re: what about potato boot-floppies for powerpc/apus ?

On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Matt Porter wrote:
> MBX opens up a whole other issue in that it needs special binaries since
> it is an 823/860 based board (no FPU) and there is no FPU emulation yet
> in the kernel for those processors.  I would think of it as an architecture,
> more like a port for one of many hundreds of different embedded 823/860
> solutions...hint: MBX might not be available much longer.

Well, that's why we have the build daemon, right? Wait 2 days and you have all
packages compiled with -soft-float. We could do the same on m68k for the FPU
less boxes. Very nice for the guys who have to buy more disks for all the
Debian FTP space :-)

P.S. Just kidding...
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