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Re: installing Deb on Rev. A iMac?

nolsen@csulb.edu said:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to figure out how to install Debian on my rev. A iMac. I
> know the current root1440.bin won't work on my machine (I tried using
> it as ramdisk.image.gz with BootX and failed) -- does anyone else have
> any suggestions as to how I can install Debian? 

See www.debian.org/~wmono/powerpc/

It was written to a Rev D iMac, but it got me going on my Beige G3, hopefully 
it helps you.

Until the bootfloppies are ready (though I thought they had been fixed 
recently - is your image really current?), this will be easier, for now it's a 
serious pain without either a linux partition already on the machine (with 
LinuxPPC/YDL/some other PPC linux port on it), or another Linux machine on a 
net that you can use NFS from to share a root-fs to NFS-boot from.

ie, suffered from a chicken-and-egg problem in that it must be installed from 
within Linux, and you're saying the boot-floppies still aren't fixed, so it 
will be kind of a pain... but it is a nice solid distribution.

Two caveats that I hit that you may or may not run into (hopefully they're 
gone, but...

you need to salvage a perl binary from whatever way you use to get into Linux 
(in my case, a minimal LinuxPPC install, since I had that CD handy), because 
apt's configure program uses perl.

you need to salvage a pdisk binary if you need to do any partitioning, because 
pmac-fdisk is (was, I hope) only usable for PReP/CHRP machines - it didn't do 
MacOS partition tables when I did the install a while ago.

You should use tar zxvpf ./base2_2.tgz (not just zxvf) so that permissions are 
preserved when you unpack the base tarball. At least, I had a bunch on 
permission problems for a long time, and in hindsight that p (preserve 
permisssions) flag would probably have avoided them.

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