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Re: Misc. USB adventures

plbst17+@pitt.edu said:
> I'm not entirely sure ifthis is the right place to ask, but I've
> checked all the resources I can find and I've run out of options. I'm
> using a revision A iMac (with the iMac 1.2 firmware update). I
> recently purchased a USB MS Intellimouse because I got tired of having
> to emulate the second and third mouse buttons. After two days of
> tinkering trying to get it to work properly, I've given up, and need
> help. Currently I am running the 2.2.6 kernel, with the uusbd stack,
> which works perfectly with my ub 1.0 keyboard and mouse. I am not
> positive, but from the documentation I have inferred that the MS
> IntelliMouse is a USB 1.1 peripheral. Since the linux-usb stack has
> some degree of support for this version, I decided to attempt to use
> it. Wanting to be conservative, I first attempted to use the 2.2.12

What you want is Paul Mackerras's 2.2.x kernels with the new USB-stack 
rsync -azv samba.anu.edu.au::linux-pmac-stable /usr/src/linux

This makes my Logitech wheel mouse work nice, but YMMV.

> kernel's usb stack. It compiled and booted fine, but the kernel would
> not recognize the keyboard nor the mouse. Next I tried a fairly old
> copy of the 2.3.6 kernel that I compiled a month or two ago with the

Stay away from 2.3 unless you intend too code/debug it! Crashes and corruption 
*can* happen in dev kernels!

> linux-usb stack to try it out. This kernel recognized the keyboard and
> the mouse correctly in the console, however I did switch the keymap
> file to one in my /usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/usb directory to one marked for
> 2.3.6 (Unfortunately I don't recall where I got it). The mouse also
> seemed to work perfectly under gpm (and I tested it pretty heavily, as
> much as I could). My problems started when I tried using it with X.

You have to use mousetype IMPS/2 in X with newer USB stacks. With imwheel and 
a ZAxisMapping 4 5 line in my XF86Config, this also makes the wheel work 

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