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Re: problems compiling kernel, ...

luther@dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr said:
> You can't reliably (at least I couldn't, and I read on x86 you
> shouldn't) 
> compile kernels older than 2.2.12/13 (don't recall exactly when) with
> gcc2.95

> huh ???

wow, that was a badly worded sentence. I shouldn't read mail when I'm tired...

The following are true:
I could not build kernels older than 2.2.12 or so with the new 2.95 gcc
I read somewhere that this was known to be broken on x86

I therefore inferred:
This is a general problem with the kernel and/or gcc, including PPC.

This was affirmed when the newer kernel source worked fine.

> but there is no newer kernel than 2.2.10  avaiable for m68k and thus
> for apus, which needs the m68k diffs. 

Sorry, guess I missed that you were APUS. I'm on pmac, so YMMV, but I couldn't 
build working kernels without the newer source.

If you can't get it... I really don't know then. Someone more knowledgeable 
should probably step in here, since I don't know anything about the 
extensiveness of these diffs, but if they are small/localized (and this would 
be a wild shot) you could try applying them to the newer source :-)

> What gcc should i use then for 2.2.10 ?

Hmm... well, I would expect egcs to work, but don't know where the .debs are 
archived. (p.s. are they archived? anyone?). I know there was a week-two week 
window when gcc2.95 first came out that I could not build kernels here, then 
newer kernel source appeared in paul's rsyc server and it worked again. I've 
since read of similar problems on x86, so presumably this wasn't just a fluke.

sorrry I don't know a solution for you...

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