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x86'er needs help with an rs/6000

As I've tried to say in the subject, I'm familliar with Debian on intel
machines well enough, but I've just received an IBM RS/6000 Model F40 (PPC
604e@166Mhz) and am looking for some pointers to get this box going...

Two questions:

1) How to open the case?!  I'd really like to find out what's inside,
there are 4 expansion cards I'd like to know more about, and want to check
the disks/memory, how many processors, why this computer weighs 113 lbs.
(yikes!), etc. I've looked for buttons, latches, obvious screws and such,
and it looks like one side of the case should be able to swing open like a
door (it appears that there are 2 black hinges connecting the rear and
this side).  There are several small hex nuts in seemingly random
locations on the rear - if I get no help from the list, I suppose I'll
start making a mess with these...

2) Boot floppies?  kernel?  I guess powerpc is new for Debian (not in
slink/only potato) so I'll have to go through a little trouble with the
installation but I don't even know how the loader works on ppc...  A
couple weeks ago I looked up a debian.org RS/6000 page with broken links
to kernels.  Anybody have one?  Can I cross-compile a kernel from an intel

In the mean time I'm going to get off my lazy butt (just drove an
exhausting 1500 miles) and boot this thing to get some more insight - it's
probably running AIX or NT (3.51?)...


Gerald Turner

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