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Re: Default kernel for powerpc may change

Matt Porter wrote:
> I'm considering changing the default powerpc kernel when the released
> 2.2.14 comes out since it looks like it will have some significant PReP
> bug fixes included.
> I'm curious if the pmac/chrp community has any feelings on this.  I'm really
> concerned about the pmac community since I don't have any good feedback
> on what kernel version will support the most platforms or what we need to
> cover the other cases that don't work well.  All I have to go by is that my
> Starmax is rock solid on the current 2.2.12 based installer as well as on
> the 2.2.14pre4 local builds.
> Anybody with the time to track what is used on other PPC distributions
> are using for optimial pmac support could really help by feeding that info
> back here.
> Speak now...my theory is that we want to keep moving to the latest stable
> release as long as it's not one that pulls the old "break all archs but x86"
> move.

I'm for it. I got my hands on a RS/6000 on loan (yay! F40!) and I'm of
the opinion that 2.2.14 is looking the best of a very *very* bad lot.
(let's just say I kinda got burned). Also, on x86, potato has some
weirdness in packages (as of 2/11/1999 at least), specificially in
apt-get dist-upgrade w/debconf. Can somebody check into this ASAP and
make sure this is NOT present currently? This is *DEFINITELY* a
showstopper bug, but I was NOT paying attention to my dist-upgrade so
I'm not positive it's a real bug and not just some stupidity on the part
of my PC. Thanks. :)


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