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Re: Need your input for keymap configuration

OK, so here is the info I gathered from the various mails I recieved,
as I summarize them in the config script.  I did not srite any code
for this for now, as I still miss some info, esp. about ppc boxes.
I'll issue -8 without 68k/ppc support - there are many bugs to fix in
the meantime.

Please tell me if anything is wrong here, or whether you have
solutions to address listed issues.

I'd also like if possible to restrict as much as possible the sets of
keymap to propose, and maybe someone can summarize the particularities
of all the "Model: whatever" for ppc in the keyboard area.
Especially, maybe some of the pmacs do not support i386 keyboards ?

Maybe an USB keyboard can be detected (only as being USB, or maybe we
can even find the layout ?), so that we simplify the declarations

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# Subarches
# FIXME: not done
# Issues:
# * ppc issues not fully asserted yet
# * /proc/hardware, which only exists on m68k and ppc, seems to be
#   an OPTION while configuring the kernel !
#   Any fallback when it's not there ?
# * USB set of keymap should contain what ? mac ? i386 ? subset of those ?

# m68k/atari	atari		"Model: Atari"
# m68k/amiga	amiga		"Model: Amiga"
# m68k/mac	mac		"Model: Macintosh"
# m68k/mvme	i386		"Model: Motorola"
# m68k/bvme	?		"Model: BVME[46]000"
# m68k/{sun,apollo,next,q40,hp300} Not supported by Debian

# ppc/mac	i386,mac,usb	"Model: PowerMac|[Pp]ower[Bb]ook*|Power"
# ppc/imac	usb		"Model: iMac*|PowerMac1*"
# ppc/apus	i386,mac,amiga	"Model: Amiga"
# ppc/atari	atari		"Model: Atari"
# ppc/prep	?		"Model: PReP"
# ppc/chrp	?		"Model: CHRP"
# ppc/rs6000	?		?
# ppc/umax	?		?

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