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Re: PowerMac kernels with GCC 2.95.1

> another data point: chrp appears to have problems with the new gcc.

No, it isn't gcc2.95, it is the kernel, the 2.2.x one. 2.3.x will boot, but
the curent kernel versions are so buggy with so many compile errors :-((

> using franz sirl's gcc 2.95.2 (0h), 2.2.12 (specifically, cort's 19990903
> snapshot) fails to boot on the ibm f50 i'm using.

f50 is chrp, good to know. 

> it gets stuck after printing "instantiating rtas... done" but before it
> manages to initialize the framebuffer.

Yes, something from OF -> linux is broken. 

Prep and powermac should compile and work with 2.2.x (>= 10) and gcc2.95. 
Chrp is broken for 2.2.x 

 If we in time for the release with 2.4, i'll put an extra kernel image for
chrp onto the boot-floppies. 
I have only one chrp system, and currently the auto-builder run on this 



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