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C600 PCI NIC problems


  I have a UMAX C600 that I am trying to get operational, and it's not
cooperating. The ethernet cards (both the de4x5 DEC21041 and a 3c900) will
work fine for a while (say, 15min, althgough it may have more to do with
amount of traffic), and then cut out completely. There is no error reported.
  This has occurred on every kernel I've gotten to boot. This has been
several 2.2 kernels, as well as a vger one, iirc. vger-stable does not boot.
The 2.2.13 kernel that works fairly well otherwise only recognizes half the
RAM installed, and shows the processor as being half as fast as it really

  I am compiling using:

ii  gcc             2.95.2-1.1     The GNU C compiler.
ii  binutils   The GNU assembler, linker and binary utiliti
ii  binutils-dev   The GNU binary utilities (BFD development fi

>From my 7600. Does anyone have any idea what I could try? Maybe moving the
cards to a different slot might do something? Is there some strangeness
about the C600 I should know about?

Thanks so much for any info!


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