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what about potato boot-floppies for powerpc/apus ?

On Sun, Oct 17, 1999 at 10:11:04PM -0700, Matt Porter wrote:
> I've uploaded a new potato boot-floppies package to Incoming on master.
> It should be available on the mirrors soon.
> Highlights:
> General - The installation is now clean on all archs for 2.2.x kernels.
> 	  Full serial console install support.
> 	  Split resc/root images that fit on 1440K floppies.
> PowerPC specific - PReP support is complete. (IBM PReP support is not
>  		                              thoroughly tested.)
> 		   PMac and CHRP images built but have not been tested.
> I should be able to fix up the pmac support (which probably is a little
> broken) since I now have a Mac-clone to test with...my primary devel
> platform is PReP.

Hello, ...

potato will be freezing soon, or at least so they say, so it is time to add
some kind of install stuff for apus also.

In the apus case, booting is done with an a bootstrap program which is a
derivative of the m68k amiboot. amiboot can't read ext2 filesystems, so the
kernel has to be on a affs partition.

Also there is the amigainstall stuff from disks-m68k, we should be able to use
most of it, just changing the kernel, bootimage and bootstrap command.

Would this be the correct way of doing things ?

What about the kernel ? There are two problems with it :

 * Once install is complete, you install a new kernel from a kernel-package.
   This kernel has to go on a affs partition, so it would be best to have the
   install stuff create a boot/affs mount point, and install the kernel there.

 * The last stable apus kernel is based on the 2.2.10 m68k kernel. There is a
   kernel-patch-m68k_2.2.10-4.deb package for it. on top of that we need to
   apply the following patch :

    -> 37563 Aug 21 17:08 linux-2.2.10-m68k-990821.diff.gz

   do i have to make a new kernel-patch for it including the m68k kernel
   patch, or is it ok to do a kernel-patch-apus-after-m68k or something
   similar ?

Any help on this would be nice, ...



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