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Re: Vodoo 2/3 (& other video questions)

Thanks for the help so far everyone, but I don't have a clear answer yet.
Maybe I should let this slide, and wait till I'm back in the dorms with my
Linux box and can see the source/try to build it. Oh well...

> Voodoo1 and 2 are only 3d accelerators, meaning no 2D video.   You can
> only
> use a 3dfx for games, and you still need a 'regular' video card.

I'm aware of this - however, my ATI rage II is working in both MacOS and
Linux/PPC. And virtual PC can use the voodoo2 for PC games from within
MacOS, which would be cool (I bet with hardware 3d, even halflife might
run :-). The 'auxillary only' way that the voodoo II works is what makes
this trick of virtual PC - giving the 3d card directly to the PC game, w/o
extra software layers - possible. MacOS doesn't need to know, as it would
if this was done with a combo card.

> The voodoo3 has 2d and 3d, and with 3dfx releasing their source, watch
> for
> Linux/PPC drivers.

That's what I would be hoping if I bought it :-). But I'd like to know
that those drivers were fbdev-capable and were reasonably portable before
I spend $50 more for a card that will do less for me if the Linux/PPC
drivers don't appear - Virtual PC doesn't support it, and I'll have to
switch my monitor plug back and forth all the time since I can't just have
Linux ignore it when it's the 2d card too.

I don't know of any 2d/3d card that currently works in both MacOS in
Linux, though.  Both 2d and 3d must work in MacOS (at least until we get
quake2 for Linux/PPC), and 2d must work in Linux (my primary working OS,
but the games aren't appearing with PPC builds, so that stays in MacOS).
3d in Linux would be great, and would probably convince me to get the card
- price permitting - but I can't make MacOS unusable to get it.

Do any cards meet this? As I've said, I'm half-inclined to get the Voodoo2
since it's cheap, 2d will continue to work in Linux via my Rage II, and 3d
might work someday. As icing, Virtual PC has a special hack for this
specific card. However, if another card had better Linux support, I'd
rather give Windows the shaft, as long as MacOS still worked nicely.

Could people who know put the appropriate checkboxes and reply to me
privately? I'll then put a table together from all the responses I get,
and maybe something will look promising.

I=In progress (please specify target completion date / current status)

	 |  MacOS  | Linux/x86 | Linux/PPC |
	 | 2d | 3d | 2d | 3d   | 2d | 3d   | Approx. price
ATI 128	 | Y  | Y  |    |      |    |      |
Matrox	 |    |    |    |      |    |      |
Permidia |    |    |    |      |    |      |
Voodoo2	 | NA | Y  |    |      |    |      | $50
Voodoo3	 | Y  | Y  |    |      |    |      | $100

others - pleases feel free to add other chipsets to this table, and to
attach any comments that seem appropriate.


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