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Re: Need your input for keymap configuration

> > I seem to remember some stuff about X using the same keymap as the console,
> > but i am not sure anymore about it. I did not do any config file editing when
> > i installed X and it took my azerty keymap without major trouble (just the
> > Delete/BackSpace stuff, but i guess it is not keymaps related). But then it
> > was a long time ago.
> No, this is just the point, I was trying to add something to Xmodmap to get
> the "@" key working, can you produce an "@" on your amiga keyboard?
> When I check the keymap (Amiga non A1000, german) it is displayed correctly,
> but still I can not produce this key, even with an xmodmap entry, even when
> I put it on the "Q", like on the PC. Xmodmap is working in principle (I

What's the modifier you have to use with q? Is that key flagged as
modifier key (see xmodmap -pm)? 

> mapped the 2 on the 3 by mistake...) but not for the "@". Where does X get
> the information about the keyboard? Its not from the console tools, is it?

X receives raw keycodes, reading the keyboard data in raw or mediumraw
mode. The console keymap stuff is only relevant in cooked mode. 


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