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Re:Re: Misc. USB adventures

At 23:02 -0500 1999-11-08, Philip L Bonham wrote:
Thanks to your help regarding Paul's kernel, I've gotten almost everything
working. The system recognizes both keyboard and mouse on bootup, and the
keyboard works fine. The only problem now is the mouse, I'm at a loss for
what to put in /dev regarding it. The linux-usb HOWTO suggests mknod c 180
16 but this did not work for me. I believe the mouse is working, since it
generates interupts in /proc/interupts. Neither gpm nor X will use it
though. How can I set up my /dev tree to use this mouse?

According to drivers/usb/mouse.c, it's minor 32, and mouse devices are all on major 10, so: mknod c 10 32 /dev/usbmouse
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