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Re: X

johnl@meer.net said:
> Xautoconfig is better -- there's no guessing needed, as long as you
> are using the frame-buffer *and* you already have the right resolution
> & depth set up (using fbdev or the kernel arguments).  it simply reads
> the frame buffer device and the keyboard & mouse config files, and
> writes an appropriate XF86Config.

Not here. 
A) It writes modes my monitor can't do (or used to, haven't used it in forever)
B) It won't write a multi-resolution file (so I can't switch resolutions on 
the fly).

Granted it's easier, but I've had trouble with it.

I just meant some sort of reasonable auto-config tool, don't really care 
exactle what.

> just now, i have gotten accelerated ATI rage128 support working on my
> mac g3.  i have been closely following robert shaw's linuppc pages at
> <http://www.linuxppc.org/blueg3/>; he has recently posted both kernel
> patches and pre-built binaries, as well as two accelerated X servers.

> granted, robert has tailored his documentation for linuxppc, so
> there's some playing & guessing in order to make it work on debian. 

Cool - maybe the original poster will be interested? I have a mach64 (Rage 
II+) which has been accelerated for quite a while now.

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