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Re: Need your input for keymap configuration

Hartmut Koptein writes:
 > # powerpc/apus    amiga       "Model: Amiga"
 > # powerpc/chrp    i386,mac    "Model: CHRP"
 > # powerpc/pmac    mac         "Model: PowerMac|[Pp]ower[Bb]ook*|Power|iMac*|PowerMac1*"
 > # powerpc/prep    i386        "Model: PReP"
 > # powerpc/{bbox,mbx,ppc64,82xx,8xx} Not yet supported by Debian

Thanks for the update.  But...

* Is there no powerpc atari's ?
* What about IBM's ppc-based RS/6000's ?  Are there CHRP's ?

 > The debian arch-name is powerpc, the kernel name it 'ppc'. 
 > apus, chrp, pmac, prep  are the Subarchs. 

I only use "ppc" as a column-saver here ;)

 > I think that usb-keyboard have the same layout as adb-keyboards, its 
 > only a different connector. Same as serial and ps/2.  

Is adb the old mac keyboard connector ?

Problem is: what if I find (eg.) some mac USB keyboard more suitable
than any PC's one, and plug it on my x86 box ?  I feel there is an
issue here, though I'm not sure how to solve it.

As well, all layouts available as adb may not be available as usb, and
imac owners may prefer to have a shorter (more relevant) list.  But
that's eye candi ;)

 > PowerPc use /proc/cpuinfo 
 > > #  Any fallback when it's not there ?
 >  No.

Ugly.  Any idea why this thing is optional ?
What should I do in such a case ?  Refuse to configure ?  Fallback to
manual control ?  Arg...

 > I'ld like it to have a /etc/sysconf/ with the files

What is this directory ?  I do not have it on my system...

 > This comes hopefully with the boot-floppies, so you can easily look
 > into /etc/sysconf/keyboard for "Keytable" and you know which Keymap
 > should be loaded. 

Is this dir specific to new boot-floppies ?

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