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Re: X

> > Well, I got the base system plus most of the common packages
> > installed. Went quite smooth. But - X does provide for a bumpy
> > experience. Well, tI=ve gotten nowhere.
> Yes. Of course, I had a tarball of my old /etc when I switched to Debian from 
> LinuxPPC, so I used my old XF86Config.

With a new upload of xfree (not yet happend) there is a tool that creates the
/etc/X11/XF86Config file. But not more. It will work with a framebuffer and 
the res. of the console. No modeline support.

> I think there is one called XF86Setup? But I can't find it, so someone may 
> have to confirm/deny that... I've emailed you privately with a copy of mine as 
> a sample.

XF86Setup or config  are i386 centric. No time to add powerpc support.

> Q for someone - why don't we have Xconfigurator (which might be 
> redhat-centric?) or something similar?  It really helps... Maybe I'll alien it 

I had it checkout for > 3 months, there were no Copyright file (GPL or any other
free licence), i ask one of the redhat/linuxppc maintainer and this is now fixed. 
But it depends on /etc/sysconf/{mouse,kbd}-config. This information is not
available on a debian system. 

> > And I was also wondering if there were any accelerated servers for X,
> > instead of the FrameBuffer ones - I tried them in LinuxPPC, and they
> > ... stunk.

Framebuffer is the way we go. 

> The fbdev one is accelerated - but you may need to tell the kernel what your 
> video card is to get the framebuffer to be accelerated. If you need help with 
> this, I (we) need to know more about your hardware setup.

The kernel-device fbx isn't accelerated, this is for the userland - the xserver.

Our first priority is a official release for chrp, powermac and prep. Not all types
of powerpc machines will work, for this we will work harder in the optimations phase 
after the release (for the next release).

One of our choices is the very easy and nice looking GUI from Corel (for booting). 
Lets wait and see what happens to this.  It is currently very i386-centric, no
framebuffer, serial console, bootp/tftp, floppy, ... 




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