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Re: problems compiling kernel, ...

On 16/11/99 Kevin Puetz wrote:

The following are true:
I could not build kernels older than 2.2.12 or so with the new 2.95 gcc
I read somewhere that this was known to be broken on x86

I therefore inferred:
This is a general problem with the kernel and/or gcc, including PPC.

This was affirmed when the newer kernel source worked fine.

AFAIK the only thing that really changed regarding compilers in 2.2.12 was to add a check in the Makefile for gcc 2.95 and if that is what is being used add the compiler flag -fno-strict-aliasing which allows the kernel to be compiled.

beware that there could have been other changes, and the kernel developers still discourage the use of gcc 2.95 on 2.2.* kernels, I have compiled 2.2.12 and 2.2.13 without apparent problems on x86.

I would say add -fno-strict-aliasing to the CCFLAGS in the top level Makefile (there is a line just for site specific ccflag additions) and give it a try, if it compiles see if it runs without any nasty problems, if it don't work or its unstable then try installing the last egcs, which would probably be a royal pain to do.

#include stddisclaimers.h
#include ymmv.h

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