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Vodoo 2/3 (& other video questions)

How is the outlook for 3d accelleration on debian-ppc?
I've found some attractive deals on voodoo 2 and 3, and wonder whether I
can expect (in the moderately near future) to see either or both of these
cards supported.

I saw (on Slashdot) that the voodoo3's drivers and DRI (for Xfree 4.0)
modules were open-sourced - but I don't know if the code looks portable,
or if Xfree 4 even works on PPC. So the V3 might show some promise, but
I'm at home, w/o a good internet link or my Linux box, and therefore can't
try it myself right now. Has anyone looked into this/tried it? Would it
work as just a fast 2d card in Linux even (since my 2d performance isn't
very stellar with atyfb and a Rage II+). If not, switching the monitor
cable back and forth could quickly become a real pain :-(

If this doesn't look like  it will work, would there be any hope for a V2
driver, or is it looking unlikely that we'll ever get glide ported? The
Voodoo 2 also has some strong points in that Virtual PC works directly
with it under MacOS.

Thanks for any tips - I'm trying to pick between the two, or look at
another, and Linux/PPC support would be a real deciding factor.

-Kevin Puetz <puetzk@iastate.edu>

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