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PowerMac 7300/200


obviously I am just to silly to install Debian on this machine.
I tried the current potato disks-powerpc.

Having some experience on installing Debian on i386 and sparc I
have had no luck with the Mac so far.

What happens is the following: trying to boot the rescue1440.bin
floppy from OpenFirmware I always get errors with bad partition
numbers. The boot-floppy-hfs.img boot fine (boot fd:linux), but
cannot find an init. Fiddling around with kernel paramaters like
load_ramdisk=1 and prompt_ramdisk=1 seemed to have little
effect :-(.

Obviously some people on this list have working PowerMacs with
Debian. However I could not find anything in the archives about
installing them :-(. So if anybody has any idea or pointer of
what I am doing wrong I would be very grateful!

Thanks, Christian

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