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Re: X

odd@keff.dhs.org said:
> Well, I got the base system plus most of the common packages
> installed. Went quite smooth. But - X does provide for a bumpy
> experience. Well, tI=ve gotten nowhere.

Yes. Of course, I had a tarball of my old /etc when I switched to Debian from 
LinuxPPC, so I used my old XF86Config.

> First, I can find no X configuration tools. Secondly, I can=t find any
> existing XF86Config files, for manual configuration in lack of X conf.
> tool.s

I think there is one called XF86Setup? But I can't find it, so someone may 
have to confirm/deny that... I've emailed you privately with a copy of mine as 
a sample.

Q for someone - why don't we have Xconfigurator (which might be 
redhat-centric?) or something similar?  It really helps... Maybe I'll alien it 
out of LinuxPPC and put the deb up - if there is any interest.

> And I was also wondering if there were any accelerated servers for X,
> instead of the FrameBuffer ones - I tried them in LinuxPPC, and they
> ... stunk.

The fbdev one is accelerated - but you may need to tell the kernel what your 
video card is to get the framebuffer to be accelerated. If you need help with 
this, I (we) need to know more about your hardware setup.

> Cheers. I would appreciate if you replied to odd@findus.dhs.org 

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