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Re: Need your input for keymap configuration

ydirson@altern.org said:
>  > I think that usb-keyboard have the same layout as adb-keyboards,
> its 
>  > only a different connector. Same as serial and ps/2.  

To my knowledge, this is due to the kernel translating the USB keycodes to 
ADB-style ones, so that all the old keymaps work. I don't think the keyboards 
are actually any different than PC ones (other than being blue and 

> Is adb the old mac keyboard connector ?

> Problem is: what if I find (eg.) some mac USB keyboard more suitable
> than any PC's one, and plug it on my x86 box ?  I feel there is an
> issue here, though I'm not sure how to solve it. 

It should work, I think...

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