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Re: Debian/PPC on an Apple Network Server 700/200?

Send email to linuxppc-ans-support@hellfire.dusers.drexel.edu

with "subscribe <EMAIL_ADDRESS>" in the body.

Also, look at ftp://ftp.emji.net/pub/ans/ for precompiled kernels
- and installation sets.

Use the LinuxPPC or YellowDog installation procedure, but untar
base2_2.tgz on the mounted partition to get Debian.

That said, there are a number of things you have to do (edit files,
create files etc) so that when you reboot, the OS thinks that you've
installed Linux proper.

I'm at the stage of installing on a drive in a 8600 at the moment,
then transferring the drive to the ANS.


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