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Re: Need your input for keymap configuration

Roman Hodek writes:
 > > * meaningful descriptions for those keymaps I do not use...  For i386,
 > > 	I classified them by Layout/Country_name/Variant_name.
 > This should be easy done for the m68k maps, too. The layout is the
 > subarch, the country name is obvious, and variants (nodeadkeys etc.)
 > are usually already appended to the maps name.

Hm... I'd prefer to keep layout as "qwerty", "azerty" and such :)
Subarches will just be arches as far as I'm concerned.

Roman Hodek writes:
 > Here's the standard script:
 > (One could also use a complicated sed expression instead of awk, but
 > awk is nice and clear :-)

Great !  It won't be difficult to turn into perl code ;)

Christian T. Steigies writes:
 > Somehow I remember a problem I building consolte-tools or something, but I
 > cant find the log file, maybe I had a bad dream...

Next time, you'd better file the bug at once ;)

 > A, somehow, related question. How to get a correct keymap under X?

Hm, X keymap setup is currently quite a distinct thing.  I hope to add
one day support for reading Xkb defs in console-tools, but there are
so much things to do ;)

It would be great to share as much config info as we can with X,
though.  We'll see that when my code stabilizes for the console.

Hartmut Koptein writes:
 > To select it from /proc this will help:

Great stuff as well.

Anyone knows about what keyboards BVME* use ?  Same as MVME ?

And what about CHRP, PreP ?  I guess some of them may only exist
as serial-console ?

 > #if #cpu (m68k)
 >   struct d_choices keymaps_mac[]={
 > #elif #cpu (powerpc)
 >   struct d_choices keymaps[]={
 >     { "i386/qwerty/us", "U.S. English (QWERTY)" , KBD_C},
 >     { "mac/mac-de-latin1-nodeadkeys", "Germany (Mac)" , 0},

... ??! Do all PPC's have any use of i386 keyamps ?  Or only MVME ?

Robert Ramiega writes:
 > [snip]
 > > #elif #cpu (powerpc)
 > >   struct d_choices keymaps[]={
 > >     { "mac/mac-us-ext", "U.S. English (Mac, extended kbd)", 0},
 > >     { "mac/mac-us-std", "U.S. English (Mac, 82 keys)"     , 1}
 >  One will need to add amiga entries here as well

Seems like this suggestion will hold for all ppc subarches ?

Thanks to all for the clarifications, I'll come back as needed !

Implementation is under way, will show up in
console-data_1999.08.29-8... before end of week I hope :|
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