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Re: gcc 2.95.2 vs 2.91

On Tue, Nov 30, 1999 at 09:32:39AM +0100, VALETTE Eric wrote:

> There were two serious bugs in gcc-2.95.1 for PPC. I found them
> while working on RTEMS on MCP750 (PowerPC Compaq PCI borad where I
> also ported linux).  I reported them and they are now fixed in
> gcc-2.95.2. One was fixed within a day even if it took me a week to
> localize the bug. The code generated by gcc-2.95.2 on PPC is much
> more compac and efficient than with egcs 1.1.2...

How did you find them?

My problem is this:

Good kernels get into linux a bit before crashing.  Bad kernels lock
up just after the initializing rta's thing in OF.

How do I track down what is causing that?

  David N. Welton -+- davidw@prosa.it -+- http://www.efn.org/~davidw  

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