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Base install on PB2400/180

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Hello guys,

Yesterday I could (at last!) install Debian base 
system on my PowerBook2400/180 helped by various 
information from this mailing list.

What I did to get base system installed is as 

1. Installed BootX 1.1.3 in my MacOS.

2. Put linux kernel image from disks-
powerpc/current/powermac in "Linux Kernel" folder 
in my system folder.

3. Renamed root1440.bin as "ramdisk.image.gz" and 
put it in system folder.

4. Copied all necessary files under disks-powerpc 
onto external scsi HFS volume.

5. Boot into linux using BootX with ramdisk check.

6. Just followed installer with hard disk 
installation option except "Install Operating 
System Kernel and Modules" stage.

When I tried to install Operationg System Kernel 
and Modules (of course, used new resc1440.bin 
image from Porter), I got "No such device: 
/dev/loop" message.
It doesn't matter at all 'cause I prefer BootX 
method rather than quik.

But just for mental health, I made rescue floppy 
under debian using dd and executed installation 
script. That's all.

I'm very happy to be able to get into Debian 
world on my PowerBook for the first time.
So far I have had an experience to use only 
LinuxPPC on my mac.

But for intel machine, I have installed Debian 
and some RedHat distributions.
Among them, I liked Debian the best.

Now I'm ftp'ing Debian binary tree night by night 
through PPP. Maybe it will take about a week. But 
it's very happy time for me.

Takayuki Hatada
Mito, Japan

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