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Re: Vodoo 2/3 (& other video questions)

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Sven LUTHER wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 05:11:58PM -0600, Kevin Puetz wrote:
> > How is the outlook for 3d accelleration on debian-ppc?
> > I've found some attractive deals on voodoo 2 and 3, and wonder whether I
> > can expect (in the moderately near future) to see either or both of these
> > cards supported.
> I know nothing about the vodoo stuff, but ...
> > I saw (on Slashdot) that the voodoo3's drivers and DRI (for Xfree 4.0)
> > modules were open-sourced - but I don't know if the code looks portable,
> > or if Xfree 4 even works on PPC. So the V3 might show some promise, but
> Xfree 3.9.16 works perfectly well on ppc. You have to disable the INT10 stuff
> in the i386 emulator for reading graphic boards bioses for now, since it is
> i386 only until someone port it to the other arches (it is rumored to have
> worked on alphas in the past), or adapt the ppc assembly emulator from gabriel
> paubert.
> This will permit you (in theory) to use any graphic board in your powermac.

 I haven't looked at the INT10 stuff yet but it wont help us with OF based
cards in any case. The cards with fbdev support work fine without acceleration.
For acceleration the driver needs to support fbdev right now only the 
mga, glint and nv drivers have support for it. I am not sure about the
status of the nv/glint driver but the matrox one has some endian problems
i started working on it a few days ago and i hope i'll have it finished 
this week.

> You can get a primitive tarball from :
>  * http://n.ethz.ch/student/daenzerm/download/XFree86-3.9.16c-pm2-glibc2.1.tar.g
> I wanted to make a debian package (xserver-3.9 or something like that)
> containing this stuff, or at least something similar, but didn't get the time
> for it, maybe for christmas ...
> As for general Xfree4.0/DRI support, best is to get matrox/tnt2 based boards,
> but rage128 board seems to be supported also.
  Take a look at http://glx.on.openprojects.net also, they support matrox/nvidia
and work has started for ati rage cards too, i am not sure if they work under
ppc though (since i don't have a 3d card :( ).
  About DRI i heard that it doesn't work with fbcon but i might be wrong there.

> You would need mesa3.1 also and the glx stuff.
> Friendly,

 Kostas Gewrgiou

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