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Which installation files are needed by dbootstrap?


I have downloaded Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (potato) for PowerPC. It seems to be
a lot of files... And, all of them will not fit on one CDROM. How do I
split up the files to fit on more than on CD? Which files are essential for
the installation program dbootstrap? What directory structure should I have?

Is the following directory structure OK?


When do I need the binary-all directory?

The mkisofs had problems with soft links that I created. It seems like
mkisofs follow up the soft links and include what they point to, even if
the files already have been included in the ISO-image. Which parameters
should I give to the mkisofs program to make an un-official CD for PowerPC?

Please answer be directly at christian.ericsson@bigfoot.com (I'm not
currently subscriber of this mailing list!)


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