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Re: x86'er needs help with an rs/6000

>>>>> "Gerald" == Gerald Turner <gturner@mojavedesign.net> writes:

    Gerald> On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Alberto Varesio wrote:
    >> Gerald Turner wrote: > > Forget my first question - a friend of
    >> mine tugged hard enough on the > plastic ediface to get the
    >> case open!  Yes, sometimes you have to be rude!  > > What I
    >> found was: > > A single PPC module @ 166Mhz (damn!)  Maybe you
    >> can add another one ... sure it is not a 233 ?

    Gerald> Positively 166 (or 167?!).  It's a big icky module that
    Gerald> looks IBM specific, perhaps specific to only this model of
    Gerald> RS/6000 (F40) - even if IBM still sells it, I'm sure it'll
    Gerald> cost lots :-(

Without doubt they do, but it will cost an arm and a leg !

    Gerald> Speaking of expensive IBM parts, is it possible that the
    Gerald> board can use regular PC dimms? (FYI, the box has 1996
    Gerald> written all over it)

ECC ram probably, ie. not cheap :-( Check out Kingston
(www.knigston.com ?) who I believe sell IBM memory (or perhaps I
should write, memory for RS6000s).


    Gerald> I finally got into "SMS" (i.e. BIOS) by searching
    Gerald> comp.unix.aix and finding the F1/F5 keys...  The
    Gerald> not-really-PS2 port is a tablet, the strange ISA card is a
    Gerald> 128 port asynchronous adapter, and 3 of the 4 drives are
    Gerald> in hardware raid!

    Gerald> I'd like to know whether the 128 port controller is
    Gerald> supported in Linux, anyone?

Okay, I am not sure about the following but I believe the 128 port
card and 16 port concentrator box are an OEM sold by IBM, as I have
seened adverts in an American magazine from another company with boxes
that almost identical to the IBM boxes we have (slightly different

Whatever, they are (or were) expensive; I believe we payed over 10000
Nkr. (about £1000 [pounds]) for each 16 port box. It maybe cheaper
buying another solution (unless you happended to get a 16 port box
with the machine without noticing it yet :-) Of course, this was from
IBM so the prices were probably double what the other company was


    Gerald> It is running AIX 4.something (exact version scrolls by
    Gerald> too fast in the little xconsole window during boot)... Too
    Gerald> bad I don't have any of the AIX installation media - I'd
    Gerald> really like to check out AIX before trashing it for
    Gerald> Debian.

Try uname -a, that should tell you somewhere in there what patch level
its at (I can't remeber exactly now but I think its backwards, so
<hostname> 1 4 <other stuff> would be AIX 4.1).



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