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Re: MD5 sum failures

> 	Actually I've seen it on all packages... but only when using
> the APT method of install... By moving my PowerPC machine to use FTP
> I was able to install fine... The MD5sums on the packages themselves
> checkout fine, however for some reason it fails while using APT to
> install... Not sure where to look on this one but somethin tells me
> it's buried in APT...
Indeed, it is an apt issue. I straced apt about it, and somehow the apt
process decides it has a md5 mismatch, after calling the ftp method
to fetch the .deb package. 

An easy workaround is getting the packages with apt-get upgrade, and then
installing the .deb.FAILED packages in /var/cache/apt/archives/partial
with dpgk -i.

Kind regards

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