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BootX 1.2b3 released

I've uploaded a new test version of BootX (1.2b3) at


Please report me any problem with this version ASAP.

It should (I hope) fix the various IDE hang issues with b2 and the MacOS
9.0 IDE problem. Some users are still experiencing some SCSI problems
with MacOS 9.0 drivers, especially on Lombard laptops, I suggest those
users try the "force SCSI ON" option in BootX and report me the result.

I've also tried a fix for the "sound hardware disabled by MacOS" issue on
B&W G3s & iMacs that was fixed with 1.1.3 but came back with MacOS 9.0. I
couldn't test it on one of those machines, so please tell me if it works.

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