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Re: iMac, dselect and .finderinfo?

On 10/11/99 Nathan Olsen wrote:

Well, I'm working my way through installing debian onto my iMac with
dselect and I've hit a snag. I've copied/mount the directories from
ftp.debian.org...main/binary-powerpc/ to an hfs drive on my computer.
Installation seems to be going fine except that when dselect reaches the
end of a directory it starts searching through .finderinfo and (of course)
starts logging a lot of errors and then quits.

ugh, i hate hfs... dselect probably have to be fixed to specifically ignore that directory...

I tried to rm and rmdir .finderinfo but it won't go away. To be honest, I
don't think it would be a good idea if it *did* go away. What I need is a
way to keep dselect from accessing .finderinfo -- does anyone have any

.finderinfo is a hfs thing, the kernel will not permit its removal (unfortunately), hfs insists on having 2 entries in the filesystem for each and every file so it can have all that useless hfs metadata attached, iirc there is another one in .resource or something like that so it can attach a resource fork, i imagine dselect will have to be taught to ignore that one as well...

I would suggest copying your /hfs/debian tree to /home/debian (which is extfs) and point apt/dselect at that, you may have to go in and remove the .finderinfo garbage if they come along for the ride...

either that or reinitialize the hfs partition as a dos one, but you need mkdosfs for that and it probably is not installed yet...

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Ethan Benson
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