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Re: Blackhawk problems

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Matt Porter wrote:
> This is a known problem with interrupt handling on PReP.
> It's harmless except that it is wasting a lot of cycles in irq servicing
> for nothing (and syslog space).

Good!  I noticed the printcon about Blackhawk interrupt handling, figured
I'd check.  I'll bet that's why sounds play too fast.

> I'd be happy to see someone deb Xbh...I've thought of doing it.

I'll have to see what Alien does with the RPM first, then see if it can be
done "right".  Haven't found source yet, I'll keep digging.

> I did a little work on the clgenfb driver (Jeff's latest version) so it
> worked with the 5446 on PReP boxes

Cool.  I trust it made it to Jeff.  Kazuoki and I are playing with 
Jeff's 2.3 patch on 2.2.

> I'd love to see Jeff/someone get working clgenfb support into the
> kernel.  A few months ago it could only do 8bit depth on PReP whereas
> Xbh can do 16bit.  I've heard that 2.2.13 introduced a new clgenfb
> driver that is updated from a Zorro perspective such that it breaks
> Jeff's patches pretty horribly...it's probably time to get the driver in
> the kernel so it can be properly maintained.

Looks like it's in 2.3 now.  I doubt it'll make it into 2.2, though.

> There is a _small_ problem with FB support in that currently things work
> nicely with VGAcon and Sercon built together in the boot image.

So, if I understand correctly, FB->VGA[->Serial] does not work, but
VGA->Serial and FB->Serial does?  Meaning that FBcon and VGACon are
currently mutually exclusive?  If so, no biggie, just trying to clarify.

I am truly amazed at the work folks are putting into these PReP boxen.
Not even NetBSD supports 'em.  I'll have to see if I can get a good deal
on a few and send 'em around-- PC-Recycle in Kirkland, WA is lousy with

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