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Re: x86'er needs help with an rs/6000

Gerald Turner wrote:
> Forget my first question - a friend of mine tugged hard enough on the
> plastic ediface to get the case open!
Yes, sometimes you have to be rude!
> What I found was:
> A single PPC module @ 166Mhz (damn!)
    Maybe you can add another one ... sure it is not a 233 ?
> 2 x 128MB RAM chips (256MB total)
> Onboard Symbios SCSI controller
> SCSI card with 3 Adaptec 788x chips
> 3com 3c905 ethernet card (in addition to onboard ethernet)
> S3 video card
     You should attach here to play with linux, you will get a console,
     but no graphic at the moment
> A strange full sized ISA card with 2 VGA looking connectors
> 4 x hotswap SCSI disks
> DAT drive, CDROM, floppy, etc.
> Apparently has sound (will need to inspect the motherboard more closly)
> Has a 3rd PS2 style connector with a peculiar glyph (mouse, keyboard and
> ???)
      This is the tablet connector for use with CAD/CAM software.
> Can anybody help me identify the strange ISA card, it looks similar to
> some IBM mainframe terminal cards I've ran into several years ago...
      It can be anything, check delivery papers ...

Have a look at

It runs AIX, it will run Debian, YellowDog or LinuxPPC, with some work!

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