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RS6K PReP boot?

Hi all,

I still havn't been able to get Linux to boot on this machine...

In the last few days I've learned quite a bit more about this RS/6000 F40
(7025).  I have no manuals, so learning about the F[158] keys and Open
Firmware was quite difficult and mysterious - all information about Open
Firmware I've found pertains to Macintoshes!  I now have the machine
POSTing over the serial cable rather than the video adapter.

I have been able to get the Linux kernel to boot using the method
described at Yellow Dog Linux ("OF> boot floppy:,\ZIMAGE"), though it
hangs after "copying OF device tree...done" in prom_init.  I suppose this
is normal considering the images that get this far are compiled for CHRP
and the F40 appears to be a PReP machine: 

[Output from Open Firmware session]
0 > pwd / ok
0 > .properties 
name                    IBM,7025-F40
model                   IBM,7025-F40
compatible              IBM,7025-F40
clock-frequency         03f940aa 
device_type             prep
system-id               0002035macadd
#address-cells          00000001 
#size-cells             00000001 
platform-open-pic       dbfc0000 


I've tried booting PReP images several times from floppies and havn't been
able to get anywhere (nothing runs).  So now I'm following Matt Porter's
directions for TFTP'ing the PReP image.  I've got a TFTP server setup and
tested (been able to TFTP /tftpboot/boot.bin from another working Linux
box) and the IP address has been setup in Open Firmware and tested (I've
had successful pings in the "SMS" "Remote Initial Program Load" menu).

Now in Open Firmware, when I issue "boot
net:,/tftpboot/boot.bin," or similar (just "boot net:") I
get what appears to be an error message, "20A80004", and the TFTP server
never gets connected to (I'm running ippl for that matter).  Can anybody
translate this silly number for me?  Have I missed anything so far?

If it can be of any use, here is the full device listing from Open

[Output from Open Firmware session]
0 > dev / ls 
0fd4c740: /cpus
0fd4d7c8:   /PowerPC,604@0
0fd4dce0:     /l2-cache
0fd4e5b0: /chosen
0fd4e6f8: /memory@0
0fd4ebe8:   /IBM,DIMM@0
0fd4ee50:   /IBM,DIMM@1
0fd4f720: /memory-controller@ff000000
0fd4f840: /rom@fff00000
0fd4fa10: /openprom
0fd54910: /options
0fd55440: /aliases
0fd56c88: /packages
0fd56d10:   /deblocker
0fd574d8:   /disk-label
0fd57bc0:   /obp-tftp
0fd5d810:   /mac-files
0fd5df20:   /mac-parts
0fd5e680:   /prep-boot
0fd61130:   /fat-files
0fd62a38:   /gui
0fdd57a8:   /post
0fdd5890:   /utilities
0fdd7130:   /net
0fddb0f8:   /iso-9660-files
0fddbb40:   /xcoff-loader
0fddc3f8:   /residual
0fddf570:   /boot-mgr
0fdf38a0:   /pe-loader
0fdf3e38:   /elf-loader
0fdf5dc8:   /terminal-emulator
0fdf5e60: /pci@bff00000
0fdfa5d0:   /scsi@1
0fdfd2a0:     /sd
0fdfe370:     /st
0fdff6f0:   /scsi@2
0fe023c0:     /sd
0fe03490:     /st
0fe04810:   /ethernet@3
0fe09480:   /pci-bridge@4
0fe0b968:     /ethernet@1
0fe11dd0:     /pci1014,2e@4
0fe120e8:   /display@5
0fe16c78:   /isa@6
0fe18978:     /ibm,sp@ie8
0fe217c0:     /IBM,tablet-port@i898
0fe21b80:     /nvram@i74
0fe223a8:     /rtc@i70
0fe23678:     /ibm,eeprom@i78
0fe25450:     /parallel@iv3bc
0fe25e90:     /serial@iv3f8
0fe27400:     /serial@iv2f8
0fe28970:     /sound@i534
0fe30980:     /ibm,speaker@i42
0fe30df8:     /8042@i60
0fe326c0:       /keyboard@0
0fe35d20:       /mouse@1
0fe36ac0:     /fdc@iv3f0
0fe3a318:       /disk@0
0fe3a950:     /IBM,op-panel@i808
0fe3aeb0:     /IBM,pwr-mgmt@i82a
0fe3b6c0:     /timer@i40
0fe3bb98:     /interrupt-controller@i20
0fe3c0c0:     /dma-controller@i0
0fe3c6e0:   /interrupt-controller@7
0fdf8150: /pci@bfe00000


Gerald Turner

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