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Re: Default kernel for powerpc may change

I know nothing of the F40.  I'm having all kinds of 2.2 trouble right now.
If you're using the RS/6000's I'd suggest using the latest binary from
ftp.ppc.kernel.org if you need something stable.

} I'm on a loaner F40 and seeing some rather nasties in the interrupt
} control routines in 2.2.14 and some *REALLY* **REALLY** UGLIES in memory
} mapping.. (uhm, why did the kernel just give X an extra gig that it..
} oops.)  Cort, you wanna try and tagteam this crap this week? I only have
} this thing till Friday.
} If ANYONE knows where I can find a dual-processor PowerPC system of ANY
} kind that's running 60x's, I'm begging you, please tell me now before I
} buy more furniture. Thanks in advance everyone. :)

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