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Re: Default kernel for powerpc may change

Cort Dougan wrote:
> I know nothing of the F40.  I'm having all kinds of 2.2 trouble right now.
> If you're using the RS/6000's I'd suggest using the latest binary from
> ftp.ppc.kernel.org if you need something stable.

The F40 is as follows:

Dual PowerPC 604e @ 233MHz or 166MHz (mine is dual 233MHz), PCI/ISA, ECC

Uh, Cort, I bang on kernels - not rely on them. I'm not quite that
suicidal yet. ;)
It's PReP IIRC - I've had an incredibly long and hard day, and I'm about
ready to pass out. If you could toss me a specific or two, I can see if
I'm seeing the same things and toss you a fix.. most of it's been gcc
2.95.x problems and going back to gcc seems to have cleared up
around 40% of them.


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