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Re: installing Deb on Rev. A iMac?

At 11:04 -0600 1999-11-07, Kevin Puetz wrote:
nolsen@csulb.edu said:
 I'm trying to figure out how to install Debian on my rev. A iMac. I
 know the current root1440.bin won't work on my machine (I tried using
 it as ramdisk.image.gz with BootX and failed) -- does anyone else have
 any suggestions as to how I can install Debian?

See www.debian.org/~wmono/powerpc/

It was written to a Rev D iMac, but it got me going on my Beige G3, hopefully
it helps you.

Until the bootfloppies are ready (though I thought they had been fixed
recently - is your image really current?),

I'm confused too, AFAIK the present root1440.bin should be usable by BootX.

you need to salvage a pdisk binary if you need to do any partitioning, because
pmac-fdisk is (was, I hope) only usable for PReP/CHRP machines - it didn't do
MacOS partition tables when I did the install a while ago.

We all thought that pmac-fdisk was pdisk, turns out we were assuming wrong.
The irony is that neither CHRP nor PReP used pmac-fdisk either, since fdisk and friends from util-linux work fine on powerpc.

mac-fdisk (pdisk with a different name) has been uploaded to replace pmac-fdisk and should be installed today.
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