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New kernel posted, new yaboot

Hi !

I've uploaded to http://calvaweb.calvacom.fr/bh40/test.html a new kernel
for the iBook, new iMac and G4 Sawtooth. It adds support for the iBook
internal modem, and some nvram fixes. Also, dmasound is compiled as a
module to avoid potential problems with new machines. 
I've also posted a minor update of yaboot fixing a small problem with
kernels containing more than 1 section in the ELF file.

Please, if you have a PowerBook (any model), also test this kernel and
report me any trouble you have, especially with the media bay and the
internal modem (only if it was supported before. There is no support for
the modem of the "combo" in 3400 series).
I made a lot of changes in the support for those and I need to know if I
broke something (it seem to work fine on my wallstreet, but I can't test
on other machines).

dmasound will now power off the sound chip during sleep on wallstreet,
and when the module is removed to save battery power. Note that
currently, the state of the sound chip is not checked by the kernel when
dmasound is not inserted. So if you want to make sure your sound power is
off, insmod dmasound, and rmmod it.

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