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Re: Base install on PB2400/180

Takayuki Hatada wrote:
> Yesterday I could (at last!) install Debian base system on my
> PowerBook2400/180 helped by various information from this mailing
> list.

I too, installed the base system on my powerbook 2400 yesterday.  I
upgraded my stock 1.3 gig drive to a 10 gig drive, and decided that
would be a good way to test out installation methods.

I followed almost the same method as Takayuki.

1. I used the MacOS 'pdisk' utility to partition my disk, as the
pmac-fdisk utility on the root disk wasn't reading my partition table
properly.  I got this utility from a linuxppc.com mirror.

2. I booted the kernel image and root1440.bin as my ramdisk using

3. mke2fs'd and installed the base tarball from my hfs partition.

4. 'configured the base system' to make it bootable

5.  rebooted using bootx with my new root partition

6.  installed my (saved from previous installation on my hfs partition)
custom kernel/modules/pcmcia packages.

7.  edited apt/sources.list and apt-get dist-upgrade, followed by
installation of all sorts of package installs.

Some things we could work on for installation:

a.  a better way to install the kernel/modules/pcmcia.  Can we have
these things in the base tarball?
b.  a symlink from root1440.bin to ramdisk.image.gz so we can give good
instructions to MacOS users.
c.  perhaps combining resc1440.bin and root1440.bin into a single
ramdisk.image.gz file, for BootX users.

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        Ted Whalen - tew@introvert.net - tew@nwu.edu

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