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Re: what about potato boot-floppies for powerpc/apus ?

> > If you really want to have APUS included, potato won't freeze anytime
> > soon, or at least the boot floppies will delay release even longer than is
> > to be feared now anyways. 
> are you saying if i wish to have APUS included, potato will be delayed by it ?

No, what I'm saying is that potato would have to be delayed for that. I'm
not saying it will (take that up with the release team, preferably after
checking with the powerpc porters). 
> What about just just making an apus lha archive containing all needed stuff,
> and sort of include it unofficialy ?

Where? I've not seen a section 'unofficial' on the FTP archives, nor an
'unofficial' CD. If it's on the FTP site or on the CD, it's official. If
you want to build your own distribution 'based on Debian', fine. Beware of
the obvious traps (need I say Schatztruhe here?) and be prepared to
support it. 

(not speaking for Debian in any way, only my NSHO)

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