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Default kernel for powerpc may change

I'm considering changing the default powerpc kernel when the released
2.2.14 comes out since it looks like it will have some significant PReP
bug fixes included.

I'm curious if the pmac/chrp community has any feelings on this.  I'm really
concerned about the pmac community since I don't have any good feedback
on what kernel version will support the most platforms or what we need to
cover the other cases that don't work well.  All I have to go by is that my
Starmax is rock solid on the current 2.2.12 based installer as well as on
the 2.2.14pre4 local builds.

Anybody with the time to track what is used on other PPC distributions
are using for optimial pmac support could really help by feeding that info
back here. 

Speak now...my theory is that we want to keep moving to the latest stable
release as long as it's not one that pulls the old "break all archs but x86"

Matt Porter
This is Linux Country. On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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