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Re: RS6K PReP boot?

On Sat, 20 Nov 1999, Gerald Turner wrote:

> I've tried booting PReP images several times from floppies and havn't been
> able to get anywhere (nothing runs).  So now I'm following Matt Porter's
> directions for TFTP'ing the PReP image.  I've got a TFTP server setup and
> tested (been able to TFTP /tftpboot/boot.bin from another working Linux
> box) and the IP address has been setup in Open Firmware and tested (I've
> had successful pings in the "SMS" "Remote Initial Program Load" menu).
> Now in Open Firmware, when I issue "boot
> net:,/tftpboot/boot.bin," or similar (just "boot net:") I
> get what appears to be an error message, "20A80004", and the TFTP server
> never gets connected to (I'm running ippl for that matter).  Can anybody
> translate this silly number for me?  Have I missed anything so far?

I'm an idiot!  I have since read the playground/OF obp-tftp package
specification and realized that even though the machine knows the IP
addresses and the boot file name, I still need to be running bootpd.

So now I have the network boot mostly working.  Not entirely because the
TFTP transfer times out (strace'd tftp exits on the server after 5 x 5
second retries, but the RS6K keeps sending UDP packets?!) with the 2MB
PReP boot.bin, and all other images transfer but behave the same way as
the DOS floppy boot: PReP kernels don't appear to even start and CHRP
images hang after "copying OF device tree..."  (sometimes before "done"). 


I think I better cross-compile a PReP kernel without the ELF header

Gerald Turner

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