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Re: what about potato boot-floppies for powerpc/apus ?

On Fri, Nov 05, 1999 at 08:23:26PM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > I've uploaded a new potato boot-floppies package to Incoming on master.
> > > It should be available on the mirrors soon.
> > 
> > Hello, ...
> > 
> > potato will be freezing soon, or at least so they say, so it is time to add
> > some kind of install stuff for apus also.
> If you really want to have APUS included, potato won't freeze anytime
> soon, or at least the boot floppies will delay release even longer than is
> to be feared now anyways. 

are you saying if i wish to have APUS included, potato will be delayed by it ?

What about just just making an apus lha archive containing all needed stuff,
and sort of include it unofficialy ?

> To help the process, how about getting the boot-floppies source, building
> an APUS kernel and modules set, and implementing the necessary installer
> bits? (look at the m68k stuff for the amiboot-like things)

i will, ...

> Offtopic on debian-68k I think. 

No, the apus stuff, beside the kernel and amiboot, should be exactly the same
as the amiga/m68k stuff. That's way i cced it here, since someone on this list
wrote the amiga/m68k stuff, and people on debian-powerpc are surely not aware
of the amiga stuff.

Anyway, thanks for the reply, i will have a look at debian-floppies.



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