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How do I boot Debian GNU/Linux for PowerPC (Macintosh)?

Could someone help me with this problem?

When I install Debian GNU/Linux on a PC (IBM compatible), I create the
"rescue boot floppy disc" stored in the install directory on the first
official CD called binary-i386. The filename for the rescue disc is

I have downloaded the potato version for PowerPC to use on the Macintosh
computer. It seems to have two different versions of the "rescue boot
floppy". In the directory dists/potato/main/disks-powerpc/current you find
the the powermac directory. In the powermac directory you find the
"resc1440.bin" file and the "floppy-boot-hfs.img" file. How do I use these
boot floppies?

I have tried to boot the Macintosh computer with the "floppy-boot-hfs.img"
disc. But, it will not recognize the disc as a boot disc. I have tried the
same with the "resc1440.bin" disc. Same result.

I have also tried to use the BootX program. I have installed BootX in the
system folder, and put the "linux" file from the "floppy-boot-hfs.img" in
the Kernel older for BootX. I have also tried the linux kernel from the
"resc1440.bin" disc. It boots, but suddenly stops booting when it can't
mount the root partition. I got a kernel panic error. "VFS: unable to mount
the root partition, something...".

Step by step: Does anyone have a step by step description of how to start
the booting process on PowerPC for Macintosh. Anything could be helpful.

Please answer me directly at christian.ericsson@bigfoot.com (I'm not
currently subscriber of this mailing list!)


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