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More on the Apple Network Server

On the advice of a couple of responses from my earlier post, I tried installing on an external drive with another mac, and booted with a kernel I picked up from ftp.emji.net. Now, on boot, I'm getting this SCSI error, in an endless loop:

ncr53c825a-0: Downloading SCSI scripts.
ncr53c825a-0:0: ERROR: (0:4) (0-0-0) (0/3) @ script (38:86830000)
ncr53c825a-0: script cmd = c1000004
ncr53c825a-0: regdump: da 00 80 03 47 00 00 0e 71 00 06 00 80 00 00 0a.
ncr53c825a-0: have to clear fifos.
ncr53c825a-0: unexpected disconnect
ncr53c825a-0: restart (SCSI reset).

...repeat ad infinitum. I have no drives connected to the internal DAC960 RAID card, and just one 4gb seagate connected via the external interface.


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