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Re: PowerMac kernels with GCC 2.95.1

On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 08:35:26AM +0100, Hartmut Koptein wrote:

> > another data point: chrp appears to have problems with the new gcc.
> No, it isn't gcc2.95, it is the kernel, the 2.2.x one. 2.3.x will
> boot, but the curent kernel versions are so buggy with so many
> compile errors :-((

> > using franz sirl's gcc 2.95.2 (0h), 2.2.12 (specifically, cort's 19990903
> > snapshot) fails to boot on the ibm f50 i'm using.

Do you have any images you would be willing to share that *do* boot?
I'm not sure who wrote the original mail...  I have a 2.3... 5? I
think, that does work, from the guys at Yellow Dog.

> f50 is chrp, good to know. 

Yep.  I've got one too.

> > it gets stuck after printing "instantiating rtas... done" but before it
> > manages to initialize the framebuffer.

Yes, it exits prom_init, and then dies somewhere.  Where, precisely, i
have no idea.

> Yes, something from OF -> linux is broken. 

Cort mentioned that, but then said he had something that would work?
He gave me a couple of pointers to images, but they are too big for
the floppies I have to use to boot.

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