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Re: what about potato boot-floppies for powerpc/apus ?

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 10:12:54AM -0700, Matt Porter wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 10:41:09AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > > If you really want to have APUS included, potato won't freeze anytime
> > > > soon, or at least the boot floppies will delay release even longer than is
> > > > to be feared now anyways. 
> > > 
> > > are you saying if i wish to have APUS included, potato will be delayed by it ?
> > 
> > No, what I'm saying is that potato would have to be delayed for that. I'm
> > not saying it will (take that up with the release team, preferably after
> > checking with the powerpc porters). 
> >  
> > > What about just just making an apus lha archive containing all needed stuff,
> > > and sort of include it unofficialy ?
> > 
> > Where? I've not seen a section 'unofficial' on the FTP archives, nor an
> > 'unofficial' CD. If it's on the FTP site or on the CD, it's official. If
> > you want to build your own distribution 'based on Debian', fine. Beware of
> > the obvious traps (need I say Schatztruhe here?) and be prepared to
> > support it. 
> If Sven can have proven working apus support in the kernel-patch,
> kernel-image, and a branch of boot-floppies within two weeks then I think
> it could go into potato.  Considering it's low impact on other subarchs and
> the pushing back of the freeze, I don't think it will hurt.  Unfortunately,

Ok, i will try to do it then, ...

> there appear to be so many special cases for apus kernel support (telling me
> that nobody is actively maintaining it), it's going to take a lot of
> commitment to make that timeframe.  We can't afford to have apus support
> rolling into boot-floppies after a couple weeks.

huh ???

the apus kernel is maintained by Jes Sorensen (for the amiga stuff, part of
linux/m68k) and Jesper Skov (for the apus specific part).

the apus kernel is a patch on top of the linux/m68k patches from Jes Sorensen.

I think both Jes and Jesper are quite busy and have not a lot of time right
now, but it will be the same situation as for the m68k kernel. The apus
specific stuff should not cause any problem i think, not sure though.

know i want to know if i should make a kernel-patch-apus special patch
containing the m68kpatches and the apus patches on top of it, or just the apus
patch, which have to be applied on top of the m68k one. 

Personnaly i would go for a separate apus patch, that needs to be applied on
top of the m68k one, since the m68k patch is ~400kb already. But then maybe it
will break something ?

do we need a kernel-image ? there is no such stuff as lilo for apus right now,
so what is the sense of installing a kernel in /boot ? to copy it over to the
affs partition ?

Ok, i will have a look at the bootfloppies this afternoon, and prepare a
kernel-patch like described above. it will be against 2.2.10. Lets stay with
the same kernel as debian/m68k for this one. If Jes or someone else get a newer one together we can try to adapt from there.



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