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Re: PowerMac kernels with GCC 2.95.1

another data point: chrp appears to have problems with the new gcc.

using franz sirl's gcc 2.95.2 (0h), 2.2.12 (specifically, cort's 19990903
snapshot) fails to boot on the ibm f50 i'm using.

it gets stuck after printing "instantiating rtas... done" but before it
manages to initialize the framebuffer.

i'm not running debian yet; sorry if this report is less useful.

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Matt Porter wrote:
> I've been using the mentioned version of gcc for a while now to build
> PReP kernels from the 2.2.12 and now .13 releases.  I built the most 
> recent kernel-image packages from stock 2.2.12 using 2.95.1 as well.
> I've been able to boot that pmac kernel on my StarMax with no problem.

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