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Re: Default kernel for powerpc may change

At 10:18 -0700 1999-11-08, Matt Porter wrote:
Based on some public/private feedback, it seems it might be wiser to
stick with a patched 2.2.12 for now, perhaps 2.2.13 but we'd have to get
some detailed pmac feedback so we can get any needed patches into the
kernel-patch package.  With the freeze pushed off, we may have something
better a couple revs down the road...we'll just play the waiting game I

2.2.13 seems fine on pmac, I have a kernel-patch-2.2.13-powerpc package that I've been meaning to upload (I added the aty128fb framebuffer driver and the backported from 2.3 USB support for 2.2 from Paul Mackerras' linux-pmac-stable tree as well as a modified config.pmac).
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