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Re: Need your input for keymap configuration

On Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 11:11:59PM +0100, Yann Dirson wrote:
> Christian T. Steigies writes:
>  > Where does X get the information about the keyboard? Its not from
>  > the console tools, is it?
> Generated XF86Config use an Xkb definition.  If none is in XF86Config,
> I guess it uses /etc/X11/Xmodmap (that is, it uses the old mechanism
> instead of newer Xkb).
m68k doenst use Xkb afaik. and etc/X11/Xmodmap contains only a few lines for
backspace and delete, for all architectures, but Im going to change that :-)
> This does not work for me shift-* prints *, and shift-- reduces xterm
> font size :)
Same here, and shift-+ increases it again, amazing ;-)
> I use in keyboard section:
>         XkbRules        "xfree86"
>         XkbModel        "pc102"
>         XkbLayout       "fr"
>         XkbOptions      "ctrl:nocaps"
You forget, this is the better architecture, we dont use pc keyboards, no
PS/2 connector and "old style" PC hardware can only be connected with an
expensive connector box, my self-built one did not want to work....

Anyway, thanks to Michaels hint, I was able to find out some xmodmap
entries. Hurray, hurray, finally I can write mail on my amiga..
--- cut here ---
! This xmodmap input file allows you to get an @ on Amigas with Alt_R 2
keycode 0x6C =	Alt_L		Meta_L
keycode 0x6D =	Mode_switch	Multi_key

clear Mod1
clear Mod3

add    Mod1    = Alt_L
add    Mod3    = Mode_switch

! @ with Alt_R Q as well
keycode 0x18 =	q		Q		at
! Euro Sign
keycode 0x1a = e		E		EuroSign
! ° with Alt_R 4
keycode 0x0c =	4		dollar		degree
--- cut here ---
As you see, I put the @ also on the Q, like on PC keyboard (does that work
out for french keyboards as well?). There are some other signs which are
currently missing, degree, Euro, nearly everything thats on the number keys.
And I am wondering why Alt-Gr+Shift does not work, it seems the modifiers
are still not fully funtional. Do we need to map all the keys like we did on
the console? It seems not, nobody has been shouting for it.
But still I wonder where X gets its information for the standard map,
reading from the kernel? Why doenst it take all the definitions from the
console then, I put _every_ key I could produce on my keyboard under AOS in
that but under X most of the special ones are gone again...

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